Sam Harrington-Lowe

As editor at the Tonic, Sam works with an extraordinary array of writing talent and a brilliant range of journalists to ensure that the content on the site is challenging, interesting, human, and eye-catching. She’s a lifestyle magazine editor, and her job here is to work with the Tonic, which is funded by Just, to ensure that what lands on these pages does more than just fill the space with words. She wants you to feel like you’re sitting down with a friend for a cuppa (or a G&T) and having a listen to a really interesting story; laughs, tears and outrage included.

Carly Pepperell

Georgia Lewis

The Tonic

Jacqui Deevoy

Working as a freelance journalist for 33 years, Jacqui started at Just Seventeen back in the '80s and now writing for women's magazines, national newspapers and a variety of fabulous websites. Favourite subjects include real-life stories, health, family issues and anything weird and wonderful. Last year, having found herself with an empty nest, she decided to take up travel journalism and has now been on so many trips, she's tired! She has a toy-boy called John, four adult offspring, a baby grandson and lives in west London.

Christabel Smith

People at parties often ask journalists which story they remember best. Christabel says, “I try to summon up a ground-breaking political exposé from my job at The House Magazine, an insight into nineties TV from my stint at the BBC, or perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching or warming of the true-life features I covered as editor of that’s life! Yet the answer's always the same: Annabel, the tame transgender turkey, who shared the family home and ran to the sofa when she heard the EastEnders theme tune.” You couldn’t make it up.

Erika Lucas

Lana Halls

Chris Clarke

Jan Lessings

Jeff Hemmings

Simon Evans

Gillian Harvey

Will Holman

Kirsten Chick

Lili Lowe

Faith Ekersall

Award-winning journo and lady ranter Faith lives near the south coast with her husband and son and an enormous ginger cat. A constant reader of books, magazines, the sides of articulated lorries… she is besotted with old buildings, new ideas and TV crime dramas. She's written for everyone from the Sunday Times to the Mail on Sunday and now, after scooping the Grazia First Chapter Award at the Women's Prize for Fiction, is writing her first novel.

Tabatha Fabray

Tabatha Fabray is a writer and journalist with a passion for living life to the full and helping others to do the same. Her compassionate writing style reflects her sympathetic personality and her desire to help and understand her readers. On a rare day off, Tabatha can be found indulging in her favourite yet conflicting pastimes; going to the gym and swilling Shiraz.

Laura Lockington

Laura Lockington is the author of eight novels (Capers in the Sauce, Stargazy Pie, Cupboard Love, The Cornish Affair, Before and After, Just for You, Christmas in the Park, Guess who’s coming for Christmas Dinner?) and has written two plays for BBC Radio 4. She is a regular contributor to The Guardian, Good Housekeeping and Publishing News as well as other various lifestyle magazines and journals. She is the host and curator of The Bookish Supper Salon in Brighton and Italy. Her interests are concentrated on her love of food, cooking and books, and on training a very unmanageable small dog called Flo.

Lucy Handley

Juliette Wills

Christabel Bradley

A former magazine editor, Christabel is now a freelance writer, editor, copywriter and content creator.

Katherine Elton

Chris Torney

Chris Torney spent 15 years as a national newspaper journalist, mostly specialising in business and personal finance. He now works as a freelance writer and editor for a wide range of business and finance publications.

Katie Wyartt

Sam Bilton

David Allsop

Alison Dewar

Journalist and PR Alison Dewar recently returned to her Essex roots. She writes about a range of topics for clients and a regional business magazine, as well as issues closer to home.

Becky Dickinson

Jane Shotliff

Bob Blair

Sue Kittow

Lyn Cruikshank

Jo Lamiri

Marina Gask

Priya Faith

Gillian Bendall

Vanessa Holburn

Ruby Deevoy

Ruby Deevoy is a natural health and beauty writer and columnist with a passion for spiritual psychology. Think holistic lifestyle with a slightly spooky twist… Mum to a rambunctious child and living in Scotland, Ruby loves sharing advice with her readers on how to live a healthy life, both physically and emotionally. See her work in Breathe magazine, In the Moment, Top Sante and of course, on The Tonic website.

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Damian Holmes

Aiden Winn

Keith Mooring

Deborah Collcutt

Sarah Love

James Johnson

Amanda Horlington

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James Small

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Steve Rush

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Isabella Poderico