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tonic ˈtɒnɪk/ Noun
A medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigour or well-being

By 2030, there will be almost as many people of retirement age as there are working – yet the media and most businesses seem to think anyone over the age of 50 is just a hip replacement waiting to happen.

It’s hard to agree with that when you still feel like you’re 25! You’ve just hit the sweet spot of having great experience and time to give that back to your family, work and society. Add to that the complexities of modern families, unpredictable finances and all the other big decisions of ‘midlife’, and you’re in a more interesting, challenging time of life than ever before. We think that’s worth talking about.

 That’s what The Tonic is for. Covering your personal life, family, work and finances, we talk about the things others aren’t brave enough to. We laugh in the face of adversity, and ask the questions no one else will. Ultimately, we want to be your voice, and we want to hear yours back.

The Tonic is editorially forward-thinking. It’s funded by Just – a retirement finance company which believes that this important generation is going ignored, and who wants to understand more about the years leading up to retirement.

One of the services Just provides is Pension Buddy – a free service to support better retirement knowledge – and you’ll see The Tonic working alongside this service too. Understanding what you need to know about retirement is the first step to feeling more confident about your future. Get a free Pension Buddy Plan now in just 5 minutes.


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