Pension Buddy and The Tonic

What is Pension Buddy and why am I seeing it on the Tonic?

Eagled-eyed readers may have noticed that there is a thing called Pension Buddy that springs up in some of our articles and links on the Tonic site.

But what is Pension Buddy and what does it have to do with The Tonic?

We know people are naturally cautious – one follower on The Tonic’s Facebook page even commented along the lines that we were trying to sell you something. So I thought I should explain things properly.

Firstly, there’s no sell here

First of all, the Tonic is, and always has been, editorially independent. It’s powered by Just, which is also behind Pension Buddy. But the Tonic has its own followers, its own content, and is not a financial institution.


You can, and always will be able to, visit the Tonic and read the great articles – absolutely free


You can, and always will be able to, visit the Tonic and read the great articles – absolutely free. There’s no catch.

But it would be madness not to tell you about Pension Buddy

Pension Buddy is a free service that’s been set up by Just Group plc to help people get to grips with the essentials of retirement planning. It’s designed to cut through the pensions waffle, giving you information that’s tailored to your needs. Plus, there’s a Retirement Health Check calculator that crunches your numbers and shows you how financially fit you are for retirement.

It is free, and there is absolutely no obligation to sign up for anything.

However, if you’re one of those people who are starting to wonder what your retirement might look like – well, it’s kind of for you. It’s totally confidential; you input your details, and it crunches your numbers, and tells you what your retirement finances could look like.

Just so you know exactly where we’re coming from, Pension Buddy links look like this…

Feel confident about retirement with Pension Buddy and The Tonic

It’s a two-way relationship

You’ll also notice that on Pension Buddy there are some editorial articles. Guess what – we help with those! So you can see how we work with each other. The Tonic supports Pension Buddy with some interesting reading (again, all free, crazy kids that we are). So you can see, we’re not hiding anything. And not trying to sell you anything.

Incidentally, you’ll find different articles on the Pension Buddy site so head there if you want to read those.

Hopefully that makes things clear!

We never want you to feel like we’re being sneaky, or that we’re going to suddenly spring any salesy surprises on you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

The bottom line is that we’re not trying to sell you anything. But if you ARE worried about money, your retirement, and what your options are, you could do a lot worse than crunch some numbers on this free service.

Feel more confident! Be prepared for your financial future with helpful retirement tips that fit your needs. Get your free Pension Buddy Plan – in just five minutes.

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